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Information and Software Systems
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Claros Experiment

Web applications incorporate important business assets and offer a convenient way for businesses to promote their services through the internet. Many of these web applications have evolved from simple HTML pages to complex applications that have high maintenance cost. This research empirically explores the relationships between existing UML design metrics based on Conallenís extension for web applications and maintainability.

The following experiment, is using an open source web application named Claros inTouch version 2.1 ( www.claros.org). Claros inTouch is an Ajax communication suite having the following components: webmail, address, book, post-it notes, calendar, webdisk, built-in instant messenger and rss reader. The Claros experiment will have two tasks.

Task1: Please complete understandability and modifiability tasks.

Task2: Please complete a debriefing questionnaire which will include personal details and experience.

Each person will be assigned to one of the Groups from 1-5. The estimated time for answering the questions per group is 1 hour. Please download the Claros Source Code and the questions for your group. All Instructions for the experiment are in the group document

Please download the questions for your Group

Please record the time in minutes and seconds for each question answered

Claros Source Code: Download

Questions for Group1: Download

Questions for Group2: Download

Questions for Group3: Download

Questions for Group4: Download

Questions for Group5: Download

if you have any questions please contact eghosheh@gmail.com